Welcome to the Young Swiss Muslim Network!

About YSMN - Who we are

Young Swiss Muslim Network - YSMN is an open platform dedicated to connect young Muslim associations in Switzerland and their ambitious young leaders (students, academics & young adults).

Our core team consists of 8 Muslim students and professionals from different cantons.

Vision - What we believe

We believe that strong cooperation among young active Muslims from diverse backgrounds and organizations will have constructive and sustaining impact on societal challenges and on the prosperity of Swiss Muslims in particular and the Swiss society at large.

Mission - What we want

YSMN strives to build a dynamic and cooperative network of young Swiss Muslims, by connecting board members and active people from various Muslim associations around Switzerland.

Aims - What we do

1. Promoting Networking

Through annual networking events we foster encounter and facilitate exchange between young Muslims from various youth and student organizations around Switzerland.

2. Enhancing Skills and Knowledge Transfer

Through regular workshops we enhance organizational and leadership skills, pool know-how and provide space to mutually share experiences, knowledge and best-practices among associations.

3. Raising Historical and Cultural Awareness

We organize cultural trips where we can learn about the rich history and the diverse cultures of Muslims in order to reach a more profound self-understanding and a collective awareness of our roles, directions, concerns and purposes as Muslims in Switzerland.

4. Engaging in Innerislamic and Public Discourse

Through our digital platform Islamica.ch we generate content for and by the Swiss Muslims. We want to stimulate innerislamic discussions, reflexions and debates on a high level and engage actively in the public discourse to promote a differentiated, multi-layered and more accurate picture of the reality of  Muslims in Switzerland.

5. Providing Communication Services

We build up and maintain communication channels for exchange of information, beneficial documents, help requests and advertisement for events among Muslim associations and individuals.

6. Building Intergenerational Bridges

We actively search, cherish and ensure the continuity between the 1st and the 2nd generation of Muslims in Switzerland.