4th Networking of Young Swiss Muslims - 2019

On the 3rd of March 2019 around 30 representatives of 12  youth and student organizations across Switzerland came to the bilingue-town of Biel/Bienne and participated at the third national assembly of young Swiss Muslims which was held under the theme: Participation of Swiss Muslims in society and public sphere.

The aims was to reflect on participation of Swiss Muslims in society and public sphere and to exchange sustainable models and ways for a common future together with representatives of Swiss Youth Parties. 4 major Swiss youth parties accepted our invitation (JUSO, Junge Grüne / Jeunes Vert-e-s, Junge CVP / Jeunes DC, Jungfreisinnigen Schweiz / Jeunes libéraux-radicaux suisses) and participated in the lively open plenary discussion.

*Password can be requested. Contact us under: info@ysmn.ch

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