Skills+ is a workshop series by YSMN. The workshops provide the possibility to obtain useful and concrete competences as well as refine existing ones for the work within associations. The emphasis during the workshops is placed on the active involvement and the experience exchange among the attendees so that ideas and possible solutions can be thought of together.

Experts will provide an input and guide the group at the workshop day. The outputs of the workshops will be documented and send to all participants.

Each workshop is organized in cooperation with different (young) Swiss Muslim associations. It is based on certain needs and demands which have been crystalized from the feedbacks and discussions during our Networking” Events 2015 & 2016: to meet more regularly, learn from each other’s experiences and come up with solutions for mutual challenges. Contentwise the workshop series cover the following thematic fields: Organizational Management, Leadership-Skills, Financial Management, Art of Meetings, Art of Negotiations, Media/PR work


  1. Promotion of specialization and professionalism in association work
  2. Acquiring concrete skills and competences from experts
  3. Exchanging and learning best practices from members of diverse young Muslim associations

Workshops Overview

Art of Negotiations | 04.12.2016

Organized with our mentor Khaldoun Dia-Eddine, professor at ZHAW, board member of FIDS

Media Work | 24.09 | 29.10 | 03.12.2017

This Workshop-Series focuses on Media work and public relations. It allows active Muslims to extend their media competences.

In co-organization with ITDV/TISS, MSAZ, Ummah, MSAUB, MSAB, You4Com, Avenue114

In co-organization with SZIG

In co-organization with GMU, JIL & NIYA

Expert: Pascal Gemperli, Coach and Mediator, President of UVAM

Project Management| 05.11.2018

This Workshop had the aim to transmit knowledge and practical tools to effectively plan and realize group projects (the presentation slides can be send on request).

In co-organization with MSAUB

Expert:  Y. Ekinci, Scientist and laboratory manager at Paul Scherrer Institut